juniper books

Kimberley introduced Grange, est. 1904, a furniture company who produced hand crafted classic french furniture lines in the mountains above Lyons, France to Juniper Books in 2016. Together, we hosted a presentation of their design offerings coordinated with a custom library on their primary design wall of their Denver showroom. Juniper Books' library design was centered on a photo of the iconic Eiffel Tower printed across the spines of a collection of curated books. This introduction led to two more, custom installations in their showrooms in New York & Boston. The video clip of this collaboration is featured in Juniper Book’s fabulous video “What is Juniper Books” presenting their talented scope of artistic offerings around the world of custom book collections. Juniper Books is led by Thatcher Wine and located where I began my business many years ago in Boulder, Colorado.

juniper books grange denver